How to Play Roulette

Most people undoubtedly feel a little intimidated when they first approach a roulette table at a casino. There might be a lot of people around the table, sitting in silence and anticipation, followed by a flurry of activity. With these helpful tips you will get off to a good start, and soon you will be playing like a professional.

Ensure That You Have the Correct Chips

If you are in a casino, you probably already have some chips. Before you approach the roulette table, make sure you have the proper chips for that particular table. The roulette chips will be different from, for example, blackjack or poker chips.

In exchange for your roulette chips, the dealer at the roulette table, the croupier, will provide you with chips of different value denominations and colours. For example, if you give a twenty dollar chip to the croupier, you might receive twenty blue chips with a value of one dollar each. Different tables will have various minimum bets, so you need to take note of this before you join a table. If you are looking to place a ten dollar bet, you can’t sit down at a table that has a minimum stake of fifty dollars.

Placing Your Bets

Roulette bets differ between two basic kinds, inside bets and outside bets.

With inside bets, you bet on one of the numbers in the black and red grid, or on 0 or 00. There are many varying types of bets you can place. Betting on a single number brings the highest payout, but will have the smallest chance of winning. You can also put your chip on a line between two numbers to win on either number, bet on any row of either three numbers, two rows of three numbers, five numbers, a corner or a square.

Outside bets are a lot less complicated, and you are much more likely to win, so they are a great option when you first begin playing, although payouts are significantly less than with inside bets. The boxes for outside bets are all around the black and red grid and are clearly marked, so they are easy to understand for beginners.

To place your bet, you wait until the croupier has cleared away the previous round of bets. When you place your chips, make sure they clearly indicate, which bet you are making. Good luck!